Founder of The Center to Source Foundation

Kennisha Morris reigns from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Born to the parents of Cynthia Sumpter and Kenneth Morris on January 6, 1987, which naturally designates her to be a leader of the Millennials and Generation Z.

Kennisha was raised by her grandparents in a Christian Baptist background until the tender age of 7, until she moved to Stone Mountain  with her loving/ supportive mother, stable step father, and younger sister. Kennisha attended Indian Creek Elementary, Miller Grove Middle School and graduated from Redan High School. From primary to secondary school, she has always been active in various organizations and clubs. Such as, Cheerleading, Dance/ Band, Key Club, FBLA, and Student Council. 

Kennisha graduated from Fort Valley State University, where she excelled in academia while participating in various organizations such as Cheerleading, NAACP (collegiate level), and the Student Government Association where she served as Chief Justice during her Senior year. Kennisha went on to become a member of the illustrious sorority, Delta Sigma Theta, while earning her Bachelors of Science in Political Science, with a minor in Communications. Currently a member of the FVSU Alumni Association.

While attending college Kennisha served her community as a Camp Counselor and Praise Team Co- Coordinator/ Choreographer at Dixon Grove Baptist Church. Immediately after graduating from FVSU, Kennisha enrolled in the Master’s of Leadership program at Shorter University, located in Rome, Georgia. During her academic career at Shorter, she served as the Assistant to Dean of Student Services, where she gained “professional” experience in leadership and education.

Upon graduation Kennisha continued on to work with various Fortune 100 companies, serving in management positions. As time progressed, she realized she was beginning to feel the effects of the mundane corporate culture lifestyle. Kennisha knew it was time for a change, searching for a career field that would stimulate her abilities as a diplomat.

After consulting with her dear friend Vanessa, Kennisha was encouraged to pursue her true purpose. After much soul searching, gaining Supreme Wisdom via the Nation of Islam, and communicating with her mother whom is an educator, Kennisha decided to serve her community as a high school teacher within the Clayton County School System. There, is where she realized her true purpose, of becoming a “non conventional” educator; a Life Purpose Life Coach. Kennisha realized the need for students to understand their purpose early in life, during the ages where students do not have much responsibility.

Therefore, allowing students to explore career/ personal opportunities, as well as tap into real world experiences and common knowledge.  As a result of Kennisha’s diplomacy she has been able to tap into her core purpose, Ultimately founding the “The Center to Source” Foundation.  

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