Our Program

Our program is dedicated to guiding the youth ages four (4) to nineteen (19)

Step 1: Registration. Application. Personality Test! – The initial Personality Test is based on the parents perspective. Depending on the age of the scholar, Center to Source Foundation will administer the personality test to the scholar specifically. Understanding the personality type of a scholar allows for more clarity about their purpose! We use the most well respected, widely used, and scientifically studied personality profile called the Myers Briggs Type Inventory (MBTI).

Step 2: The Parental Meet and Greet! – it is required that we at the Center to Source Foundation meet with the parent (s) or guardian (s) of the scholar. We discuss the behavior traits, personality, academic level, interests, and talents of the scholar. We discuss why the parent/ guardian is interested in the program. We discuss the schedule and services the parent/ guardian may be interested in. We introduce our board members and our program to the parent/ guardian.

Step 3: The Scholar Arrives! – it is required that the parent/ guardian attends the meeting with the scholar. We then meet with the scholar without the parent/ guardian in the room. We investigate the talents and interest of the scholar. We invite the scholar to share their social media platforms. And, we designate a small window in order to co-engage in their interest with the scholar.

Step 4: The Final DECISION! – Once the parent, scholar, and Center to Source make a solid decision to enroll in the program, we pair the student with a mentor. Our mentors are outsourced by various organizations.

Step 4: Let’s get ACTIVE! – We find a trainer, coach, or team for the scholar to join. We believe that when a scholar finds the value in being active, they will remain active throughout their lifetime.

Step 5: Proper Etiquette! – We begin social etiquette classes.

Step 6: Professional Flow! – We pair the scholar, depending on age with a professional of their desired field. We continue this process throughout the program as desired.

Step 7: Let’s go ABROAD!– Now the scholar is prepared to travel ABROAD! We at Center to Source are affiliated with various programs and organizations. We expose our scholars to those platforms, while promoting world travel.

The Foundation is rooted in meditation, yoga, calming, and artistically creative activities, along with other social activities that better equip our scholars for life as a socially conscious, astute adult.

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